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For athletic people and for the brave

The route we recommend is literally a sensational experience: you’ll feel like you’re going to dive between heaven and earth. Key words: trekking, cycling, breathtaking landscapes, extreme sports, adrenaline and good food. The route is strictly not recommended for lazy people. Bring comfortable shoes, water bottles and a windbreaker jumpsuite. The destination is the Regional Park of Gallipoli Cognato and Small Lucanian Dolomites.

From Corleto Perticara towards Castelmezzano (about 30 Km from Corleto P.). You will find a little impervious road: there are many twists and turns, through the forest of Sella Lata, it is not uncommon to find wild animals and seasonal flowers. If you are on a winter trip, bring snow chains with you and pay full attention to the road. If you are on a night trip and it’s a little foggy outside, you’ll really feel yourselves on a fairytale journey: the spectacular lucanian dolomites, all illuminated, give a magical atmosphere to the whole district.

Once arrived in Castelmezzano you will be overtaken by surprise: the small village perched on a rocky spur of the Dolomites is the best angle from which you can take some pics: they’ll be the best post-cards of your trip. At the foot of the village, park your car and start your trekking. Take a few steps around the town, passing through Caizzo Square, considered the root zone. Walking around, you can feel the smell of the local dishes and stretching your ears, you’ll hear the typical tales of a life marked by the changing seasons.

It is about a magician who also lived in these places: the wizard of Lucania –you can read it written on a plaque displayed in the village. Following the directions, you can reach the top of the village where you’ll find many hiking trails that wind along the jagged spires of the Dolomites. Once at the top, stretch the eyes towards the Basento river valley, one of the four major rivers of Basilicata. If you organize your trip in September, do not miss the ritual of “May”, an ancient arboreal ritual in which a particular marriage is celebrated between a turkey oak tree and a holly to propitiate the hold’s fertility. If you are adrenaline junkies and your trip is in the summer, don’t miss the “Flight of the Angel”, a cable will literally allow you to fly hanging in the air at a speed of 120 Km/h between mountains, it’s a breathtaking experience.

Second stop of the trip is Pietrapertosa (about 10 Km from Castelmezzano). It’s the highest town at sea level (1088 mt), you can really enjoy a breathtaking view from there. Park again your car in the peripheral part of the village and walk on foot till the historic center, situated at the foot of the Castle that has preserved his ancient Saracen name “Arabat”. Continue your trip through the Dolomites, you’ll discover strange names, like “eagles”, “the great mother”, “the owl” and “the anvil”. On your way back, don’t forget to give a look to the unique architecture which characterizes the constructions and notice how often the rocks are an integral part of the supporting structure of the houses. Look at the portals and their decorations: they’re often traces of an ancient nobility.