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If you hear someone talking about Don Carlo, in Basilicata, it certainly refers to Carlo Levi: author, painter and political activist. The route we recommend will allow you to retrace the places of his most famous novel “Christ stopped at Eboli” (Cristo si è fermato ad Eboli). Don’t forget to take with you a notebook, a camera, and, above all, a lightweight heart to leave space for imagination.

First stop of this route is Guardia Perticara PZ (about 12 Km from Corleto P.). Awarded with the so called ‘Orange Flag’ (brand of eco-environmental quality officially recognised by the Italian Touring Club), Guardia Perticara has also been included among the 100 most beautiful Italian village thanks to its characteristic stone houses, the result of a careful planning reconstruction after the devastating earthquake in 1980. Walking through its narrow alleys, in a quiet and surreal atmosphere, you feel like you are going back in time. Look towards on what once was the Enotri’s valley – abundant wine drinkers -, taste the typical local products like, for example, the so called “strazzata” (a type of flat bread whose name in dialect means ‘tattered’ as in the past it was cut by hand). You’ll be enchanted by the many stately homes and charming courtyards. And don’t forget to type on YouTube/Spotify the classical ‘tarantella lucana’, better if played with the traditional organ.

The second stop of the route is Aliano (MT), land of Carlo Levi’s exile (about 18 Km from Guardia P.).
During the trip, you dive yourselves in a barren and desolate landscape: this is the so-called “Badlands”. It’s time to have a break to take some pics, you are in front of a horizon similar to a lunar landscape. Once arrived in Aliano, summon up your curiosity. Visit the Art Gallery and the Carlo Levi Historical Museum, the home of the confinement of Don Carlo and his tomb, and don’t leave this place without seeing the Museum of Rural Life, faithful portrait of an archaic and mysterious world. During the carnival days take a look at the typical apotropaic masks and listen to the typical musical instruments like the “cupa cupa” (a clay pot covered with cloth, produces a single note, it’s a task of the player to show their ability to create a melody); If you visit Aliano in August don’t miss the Festival of Paesologia entitled “La luna ed i Calanchi”, “the Moon and the Badlands”.

The third and last stop of this route is Craco Vecchia (MT) (Old Craco), the so called “Ghost Town” (about 40 Km from Aliano).
This tiny village, set of Italian and international movies is now completely uninhabited, it is therefore the ideal place to spend a moment of absolute entropy with nature. Buy the “Craco-card,” which will give you access to the Historical Center, the Municipal Media Library, Art and Cinema Atelier, the Monastery of St. Peter and the Palace of Culture. During the visit turn off your cell phones and listening to the guide’s explanation, let your mind have some time only dedicated to meditation. If you can wait for the sunset, enjoy the show as a gift. We assure you your spirit will draw absolutely benefit, at the end of day.