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For dreamers

The route that we suggest is for dreamers, for those who never stop at the first hurdle, for those who believe that somehow the fate is written in the stars. Requirements: a small pair of binoculars, a camera and a bottle of water. Part of this route may also be done by bike, but you have to be really fit.

From Corleto Perticara towards Moliterno, along the SS103. Destination: Abetina Laurenzana Regional Reserve. The road is a typical mountain path, and it’s a bit rough: pay close attention. Along the way, there are beautiful woods of oak, pine and chestnut trees, that in Autumn they take wonderful colors. It’s also the perfect place if you love to look for mushrooms, collecting chestnuts or berries. You’ll reach the Natural Reserve after about half an hour. Notice that it’s called the kingdom of “the prince of the woods”, the White Fir. Take long walks in the woods, and admire the local variety that stands out from the typical specimens of the species for more rounded and lighter colored needles. Inside the reserve you’ll find a food court, perfect place for delicious picnics and for filling your water bottle to a natural spring. For lunch we recommend a pit-stop in some of the farms where you can choose between a variety of their products: we assure you will not regret them. Now it’s time to take your binoculars and start the birdwatching activities: you can admire the black woodpeckers, the red kites and the black kites, the buzzards, the owls and the barn owls. For the lucky ones, you can also see the peregrine falcons and golden eagles.

The second stage of this route is the planetarium and astronomical observatory of Anzi (PZ). It stands on top of the village, and has a specific and activities calendar easily searchable on the web every month. Through the reflecting telescope, (among the most advanced in the Southern Italy, 420mm diameter of 1.5 meter primary mirror and a focal F8 equatorial mount to Ritchey-Chrétien fork model) you can raise your eyes to the sky and observe the celestial objects visible in the night in the neighborhood. If you would like to understand more of the hidden secrets of the stars, in the 12 meters diameter dome of the Planetarium, through a sophisticated play of lights, you can admire the wonders of the whole sky. To your eyes, they appear around 4500 Stars of Heaven Borealis, starting from the Cassiopeia constellation to the fascinating Zodiac one.

We suppose after all these activities including birdwatching and starwatching, you fell a little tired. Than stop for dinner at some local restaurants, asking maybe for hare or wild boar meat, both delicious to taste. Don’t finish off the meal without some Amaro Lucano (local liquor). At this point, you just have to return to our B&B, indulge in Morpheus’arms, and start dreaming.